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About NHMS

About North Habersham
North Habersham is situated in the foothills of the Northeast Georgia mountains. As part of the larger Habersham County School System , NHMS serves grades 6,7,8 and by student population is the largest of the three middle schools. We are fortunate to be surrounded by scenic pastureland and our campus border is the tranquil Soque River.
We host over 600 students, 70 teachers and staff and are always striving for excellence.
NHMS Core Values
  1. Student Safety

    • Physical, emotional, and mental health, well-being, and safety.
    • North Habersham Middle School faculty and staff value ensuring safety and well-being of all students.
    • It is our collective responsibility to plan, prepare, and act to ensure the safety and well-being of all students when they are in our care.
  1. Student Learning

    • Standards-based, meaningful, enduring learning.
    • North Habersham Middle School faculty and staff value ensuring high levels of student learning for all students.
    • It is our collective responsibility to work collaboratively to design, develop, and deliver high-quality, relevant, and engaging standards-based instruction that will maximize learning for all students.
  1. Student Experience

    • Fun, profound, memorable middle school experience. 
    • North Habersham Middle School faculty and staff value ensuring an  enjoyable middle school experience for all students.  
    • It is our collective responsibility to create a culture within our school and within our classrooms that welcomes, encourages, supports, and uplifts all students.
Vision Statement:
North Habersham Middle School will be a student-centered community that promotes innovative learning experiences in a positive and safe environment.
Mission Statement:
Student Safety:
  • North Habersham students will contribute to creating a physically and emotionally safe environment by caring for one another, by respecting adults and peers, and by meeting high expectations.  
  • North Habersham staff will be vigilant, supportive, and proactive in ensuring that students are aware of and follow safety and behavior expectations.
Student Learning:
  • North Habersham students will demonstrate high-levels of learning, growth, and achievement.  
  • North Habersham staff will provide innovative, student-centered, standards-based instruction that engages students and empowers them to meet their full potential.
Student Experience:
  • North Habersham students will want to come to school and contribute to a positive school culture.  
  • North Habersham staff will promote healthy interactions and nurture meaningful relationships with students in order to support students’ individual and collective development of purpose, identity, and value.